SHOT BY SHOT DECODING AND ANALYSIS of the Glimpse will be posted if this post gets 5 comments.

Honestly i was very disappointed with the first look of Prabhas, which was released a day ago. that poster could have been better. but this, ohhhh boy!

Project K – a film being directed by Nag Ashwin, Produced by Vyjayanthi Movies ( since 1974) with huge cast including some of the biggest names in Indian film Industry such as Amitabh Bachchan, Kamal Hassan, Prabhas, Deepika Padkone and others, has huge hype with all the positive talk from people who has seen the glimpse before us. But the first look of Prabhas was not upto my expectation here. Me being another hero fan am disappointed, but my brother who is a die hard fan of Prabhas was crying silently inside the room after that first look.

After that first look,  me and my brother had zero expectations from the first look glimpse of Project K. and then the day has come, with all the hype going on in T Town about the glimpse and our Biggies ( other than Big B ) arriving at comic con which was first time for an Indian film, i still was reluctant about the glimpse and not particularly hyped and waiting for the glimpse. but after watching this glimpse, now i got to understand why all the big names from T Town are going crazy about this film. Lets get into the reaction of the Glimpse.

Glimpse starts with what looks like a Lotus designed flooring with some people walking across with some pretty advanced weaponry, so it is pretty clear that this is a futuristic story. with all the violence going on around a text appears on screen


This is the first time we are seeing probably the second to the Antagonist and some soldiers,


now we have a glimpse of Deepika and a black iron man panther kind of villian in a location probably a shiva temple which is semi destroyed.

then there it is, most powerful eyes in the INDIAN FILM INDUSTRY, first look of Big B Amitabh Bachchan, his face is covered with a cloth only revealing his powerful eyes


And here he comes our main Protagonist, Prabhas is seen wearing some worn out cloth over his war uniform





Title looks damn interesting, like wohhhhhhhhhhh

glimpse ends with a fist fight.

wow, really wow.

That was huge, I have no words right now.

Review :

This is worth waiting even another year, or probably two if reaquired.

Taking, Lighting, Cinematography, Edits, Colors, VFX, MUSIC, everything and i mean everything in this glimpse is an utter perfection, if the movie has same intensity throughout then we can say we are hitting global box-office with this one. What can i say, lets wait for the More updates.


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