The first look poster for Nikhil’s upcoming Pan-Indian film, Swayambhu, which will be directed by Bharat Krishnamachari, was well appreciated. In the film, the actor will take on the demanding role of a great warrior and be seen practicing martial arts and riding horses while on the battlefield.

Nikhil made the decision to completely train himself prior to the shoot. The actor, meanwhile, took out for Vietnam to begin his rigorous martial arts and horseback riding training. Additionally, he will learn the fundamentals of expert weaponry use.

It will take place in Saigon for a month-long training period. Some of the biggest stunt masters and teams in the country will train Nikhil who will be seen showing combat skills in the movie.

Since Nikhil has never played a role of this nature, it will be really novel for the spectators to witness him in the position of a warrior.

The film will be produced by Pixel Studios’ Bhuvan and Sreekar, and it will be presented by Tagore Madhu. The music will be composed by Ravi Basrur for this expensive action movie.

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