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The Bentley Batur features 800 unique elements, making it a very unique vehicle from the automaker. The attention to detail and craftsmanship extends past the design and powertrain to include bespoke audio era. Bentley is imparting the new “Naim for Mulliner” sound gadget inside the coupe, a $31,681 (25,000-pound) option at these days’s change charge.

The 20-speaker sound machine comprises six tweeters, 9 mid-variety audio system, woofers, active bass transducers, and one subwoofer. The mid-variety audio system and tweeters have new drivers and characteristic Focal’s patented M cones. Bentley derived its new audio system from Focal’s Grand Utopia lineup.

The new sound device effects from 10,000 hours of innovations from Focal and Naim, with the two laying out 56 necessities and hints for the machine. The unmarried-piece M cones in the audio system provide stress without the dirt cap.

Bentley designed the Batur with the audio system in thoughts, cautiously setting them for the duration of the cabin. Extra strengthening across the doorways and rear cabin additionally helped lessen distortion from the sound gadget.



Bentley says the “Naim via Mulliner” sound device is an expansion of its offerings to offer “certainly bespoke automobiles.” The automaker has seen hobby in its Mulliner logo grow in latest years, with demands for special paint doubling and personal commissions tripling.

Earlier this 12 months, the automaker previewed the to be had customization alternatives via imparting 4 viable topics. Each featured a completely unique interior and outdoors coloration combination. It also highlighted the Batur’s use of sustainable substances, like espresso byproducts and flax-primarily based options.

Bentley unveiled the Batur a year in the past, and it simply completed development in June, with two pre-production automobiles traversing over 18,641 miles. The organisation will produce 18 examples of the $2 million (1.Sixty five million pounds) automobile, which takes approximately four months to build. The organization ought to be finished building them in overdue 2024.

The Batur features the emblem’s iconic twin-turbocharged 6.Zero-liter W12 engine and will be the final Bentley to use it. It makes 740 horsepower and 737 pound-ft of torque. Bentley changed the engine’s air intake, intercoolers, and turbos to growth the output from the standard 710 hp. Production for the engine results in April 2024.

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