HMD Global, the company that makes Nokia smartphones, unveiled two new colours for the Nokia 2660 Flip phone. According to the firm, this rebirth of the original Nokia flip phone is a reaction to the growing desire from Generation Z and Millennials for contemporary feature phones.

The phone’s specs and design are both unchanged. The new phone features a dual-display design with a 2.8-inch primary screen and a 1.77-inch secondary screen, as well as 4G connection. The phone’s Unisoc T107 chipset, which also supports Bluetooth 4.2, wireless FM radio, and an MP3 player, is installed in it. It sports an LED flash and a 0.3MP camera.The Nokia 2660 comes with a 1450mAh battery that’s supposed to give you hours of talk time and even last for weeks on standby. It has an emergency button that allows you to instantly contact up to five of the contacts you’ve already set up.With its excellent call quality and volume controls, the Nokia 2660 Flip is simple to hear even in busy circumstances. People with hearing loss may use it easily because it is also hearing aid compatible (HAC). Tens of thousands of flip cycles have been tested on the Nokia 2660 Flip.

Starting on August 24, Indian customers may get the Nokia 2660 Flip for Rs. 4,699 from Amazon and the Nokia website. It comes in Pop Pink and Lush Green.

The Nokia 2660 Flip phones, originally launched in 2007, feature a clamshell design with a rear camera for capturing retro-style Y2K photos, an extended battery life for weeks of usage, and solely SMS and call functions—a perfect recipe for a digital detox. In addition, the traditional snake game is back for extra nostalgia.

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