Even though the country of India has seen its fair share of young entrepreneurs succeed, Misbah Ashraf’s story of rising from poverty to riches stands out. Despite his several setbacks, Ashraf always rose to the challenge and today owns a multi-million rupee company.The originator of the Jar platform, which teaches middle-class Indians how to save and invest, is Misbah Ashraf. The firm was founded on the fundamental idea that Indian families view gold as a sound investment choice.But Ashraf’s path to success was not straightforward. Misbah Ashraf is a native of the Bihar region of Nalanda, where his mother worked as a housewife and his father as a teacher.They often faced financial problems, but Misbah always wanted to rise up.With the desire to create his own company, Misbah left college after his second year and launched Cibola, which was a severe failure after just four months. His second business, nevertheless, was a huge success.After Cibola, Ashraf founded Marsplay, which eventually had significant success and was later bought by a larger corporation. After Marsplay’s rapid expansion, Misbah Ashraf made the decision to start his third business, Jar, in the midst of the epidemic.The platform developed by Misbah Ashraf reached 11 million users barely 18 months after its debut, and the business raised US$58 million (about Rs476 crore in Indian currency) in finance.Misbah Ashraf eventually raised more funding for his startup business Jar at a valuation of $300 million USD, or Rs 2463 crore. According to media sources, Misbah has a net worth of around USD $20 million, or roughly Rs 164 crore.