Neeraj Chopra’s admirable gesture after being told he couldn’t sign the Indian flag :-

Neeraj Chopra signed the Indian flag for a Hungarian supporter after India won the gold medal. He declined nonetheless, claiming that it violates the flag code. Celebrating Neeraj Chopra’s historic victory in the World Athletics Championships. An Indian has never previously won a gold medal at a world championship. The athlete, who has once again captured the hearts of over a billion people, is also receiving plaudits for his patriotic act after declining to sign an Indian flag.

At the World Athletics Championships in Budapest, where he had just won the gold medal in the men’s javelin throw, a Hungarian supporter approached him and requested that he autograph an Indian flag. Chopra, however, declined and said, “Wahaan nahin sign kar sakta.”

“He finally autographed her shirt sleeve. She was generally content though. The journalist Jonathan Selvaraj said in an article on X.

Social media users are sharing a photo of Chopra autographing a fan’s T-shirt while the Tricolor is displayed on a desk.

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