Google Photos, one of the major cloud media storage platforms has now introduced a new update using which the users will be able to keep their sensitive images more secure with an extra layer of protection on the devices. This followed the company’s announcement that it would be releasing a new “Locked Folder” feature for Android users to allow them to hide specific photos and videos behind a passcode for iOS and web users, as well as a new option to back up Locked Folders so that users could access those encrypted images using Google’s cloud across multiple devices.

According to the developer, images and videos stored and backed up in your Locked Folder won’t appear anywhere else in the app, including your photographs grid, Memories, albums, or when you search for images in Google Photos, prior to enabling backup for Locked Folder.

“We’re starting to roll out the ability to backup your Locked Folder today, so you can view those photos and videos with your passcode on any of your devices. Furthermore, Locked Folder can now be set up and accessed on iOS devices on the web,” Google said in a blog post on Tuesday.

“When you enable backup for Locked Folder, you may access that information across your devices by signing in to Google Photos and opening Locked Folder with your device’s passcode,” Google said.

The privacy controls and other settings may now be seen and changed more easily thanks to an upgrade to the Google Photos settings page. The former settings page has been replaced by a new one that has sections for privacy, backup, sharing, notifications, and more.Meanwhile, Google has also introduced a slew of new features to the Google Flights app which now includes the price tracking feature. It will also tell you the best time to book the flights if you are flexible with your travel plans.

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