CEO Vishal Garg, who was in news for all the wrong reasons, is training to be a better leader. The company hogged limelight when Garg, its CEO, ruthlessly fired around 900 employees over a Zoom call. The indecent took place when the world was shut down due to Covid and most employees were working from home.

Now in a recent interview with TechCrunch, Garg revealed he’s “worked really, really hard” to be a kinder boss.

Garg is most famous for firing many workers from with a tough video call in 2021. Back then, he accused around 250 employees who were let go of taking more money from the digital mortgage company by saying they worked more hours than they actually did, according to Fortune magazine.

Later on, Garg admitted to his remaining staff that he had made a big mistake in how he did the firings. He told TechCrunch, an online publication, that he underwent a lot of training to become a better leader and regain the trust of his staff after that bad video call.

“So I’ve worked really, really hard to change the way that I show up to the team every day, and to be more empathetic and to treat them with the same level of kindness that I showed our customers,” Garg told TechCrunch.

In an interview released on Wednesday, Garg said he put in a lot of effort to change how he interacts with his team every day. He wanted to be more understanding and treat them as nicely as he treats the company’s customers.

Garg mentioned that he used to be very focused on the company’s mission and its growth, as well as satisfying customers. However, he realized that he also needed to make sure his employees felt happy if he wanted the company’s customers to feel the same way.

At present, has close to 1,000 employees, according to Garg.Recently, Garg’s company went public through a deal with a company called Aurora Acquisition Corp. This deal had been postponed for a while.’s shares started being traded on the Nasdaq stock market using the symbol BETR. However, when trading started, the stock’s value dropped by more than 90%, which is a significant decrease.

A representative for Garg didn’t respond immediately when asked for a comment by Insider, a news outlet, outside of the usual business hours.

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