VSS Mani neither had the cash nor business experience. Despite this, he created ‘Indian Google’ from his storage. The organisation he based, Just Dial, nowadays enables all people find the contact details of shops, electricians, mechanics, restaurants and accommodations and so forth. It has the capacity to cater to human beings’s every want. Mani concept big. He created a digital directory. His organization became any such hit that even Mukesh Ambani confirmed hobby in it. Here’s the story of Just Dial.

VSS Mani is local of Tamil Nadu. He turned into born in a center-class own family. He did his graduation from Delhi University. He later worked as a salesman. He wanted to grow to be a chartered accountant but needed to paintings to financially aid his own family.

In 1989, he started out a business enterprise named AskMe. It didn’t paintings. In 1992, he opened a marriage making plans mag. Even that failed to work for him.

He later labored for a corporation related with yellow pages and telephone directory. He took inspiration from this and started out Just Dial. He funded the business enterprise from his very own savings.

Just Dial become first a telephone carrier. He got the advantages of the 1996 phone liberalization coverage which made it smooth for people to get a smartphone connection.

When internet have become famous in India, the agency launched the internet model. It became a runaway achievement. The organisation’s valuation was Rs 4000 crore in 2007. It brought an IPO.

In 2021, Mukesh Ambani’s Reliance Retail paid Rs 3497 crore to buy his stake in Just Dial.

Mani obtained Rs 1332 crore for his stocks. He continues to be the CEO of the business enterprise.

In 2021, Reliance Retail offered 67 percent of Just Dial, inclusive of stocks held via VSS Mani. According to reports, Reliance paid Rs 2165 crore for the brand new stocks, Rs 1332 crore for Mani’s stake and Rs 2200 crore for the open offer. They paid Rs 5700 crore for the majority stake at a valuation of Rs 8,500 crore.

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