Many of us are prone to stomach troubles, and as the seasons change, these symptoms appear to worsen. The monsoon is currently in full swing around the country, and many of us are concerned about our health. The rainy season provides relief from the summer heat, but it also increases health risks and the occurrence of several forms of illnesses. If you’re not careful, your digestive system could be especially vulnerable, and as you know, if digestion is compromised, other functions can suffer as well. As a result, we’ve compiled a list of five crucial tips to keep you safe this holiday season.

1. Avoid street food:

Food at roadside kiosks is frequently left exposed for extended periods of time, exposing it to the environment as well as contamination by insects and bacteria. The increased humidity has an effect on food quality as well. If you consume such contaminated foods, you may get stomach discomfort, diarrhoea, infections, and other symptoms. As a result, you should be extremely cautious about where you get your snacks during this season.

2. Add ginger to your drinks:

Ginger is an excellent addition to your monsoon diet for a lot of reasons. It has good antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. It is also known to increase immunity and combat infections. Ginger aids digestion and can assist with nausea and stomach troubles. Drinks are one of the most straightforward ways to ingest it. It goes well with masala chai, black tea, lemonade, and herbal mixtures.

3. Select and clean vegetables with care:

During the monsoon season, some of us avoid certain vegetables, particularly leafy greens. This is because excess moisture in the air might promote the growth of bacteria, rendering them dangerous for consumption. Likewise, other vegetables are known to be contaminated by worms or other organisms. Using such ingredients can have an adverse impact on your health, especially your digestion. Hence, it is paramount to clean and store vegetables properly during this season

4. Consume probiotic foods and beverages:

Probiotics are beneficial microorganisms that support gut health and immunity. During this season, several experts recommend eating fermented foods with probiotics. Because they are often found in Indian homes, several types of dahi (curds/yogurt) and chaas (buttermilk) are convenient possibilities. Take care not to have them too chilly, as you may acquire a cold during this season.

5. Soothe your system with homemade soups:

Soups are a terrific method to stay warm while also keeping your digestive system in good working order. They are often light and high in fibre and minerals. Soups thickened with cornflour and/or cream may taste delicious, but they are typically difficult to digest. Choose clear soups, dal soups, and vegetable soups , or others made using vegetable/chicken stock. Don’t forget to flavour them with a host of spices for an extra immunity boost.

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