The long-awaited drama ‘Oppenheimer,’ directed by the famous Christopher Nolan, has finally arrived in theatres around the world. Early reactions from critics and fans indicate that the film is unquestionably a masterpiece. While people can’t stop applauding this war drama, it has also spawned a slew of humorous memes. Amul India, famed for its inventive and famous topical advertisements, couldn’t afford to fall behind. To honour the effect of the film, the dairy brand provided a wonderful topical.

The post depicts a cartoon version of the ‘Oppenheimer’ ad, with the protagonist holding a block of Amul butter. “Oppen Yummier Butter!” reads the text above the image. The post’s title highlights the frenzy about “Oppenheimer”: “#Amul Topical: Christopher Nolan’s war drama creates waves!”




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