Tesla is one of the Topmost EV manufacturers that exists since 2003. Tesla makes its mark in the Automobile industry. Recently there is more discussion about Tesla’s smartphone on social media. There are some images published on social media about Tesla’s smartphone design. This smartphone is named as Tesla Model π and you can see some of the images below.

If Tesla launches a smartphone it will be with advanced technology and come with futuristic looks just like other Tesla products. Some people are saying that Tesla Model π comes with Starlink satellite connectivity which enables high-speed internet wherever you are in the world.

Tesla’s smartphone is Real or Fake? (My opinion)

There are many images on social media that show the design of the Tesla Model π.  Many people strongly believe that Tesla is actually coming to the smartphone industry. But there is no official announcement from the Tesla company or from the Tesla owner Elon Musk. There is no official trailer or image launched by the company about their smartphone. In my opinion, Tesla Model π is fake.

Tesla company may manufacture the smartphones in future, but the Tesla phone which is now famous on social media is a rumor. If tesla launches a smartphone they will definitely announce it on their official social media accounts.

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