National Dog Day – August 26 :-

On August 26, National Dog Day, we want to honor all of our furry companions in the most wonderful manner. Can you believe that we have lived with furry buddies for at least 14,000 years? Thank goodness, for without man’s best buddy, what would we do? It is time to display your dog’s cake and images to the world and declare your affection for them. Colleen Paige, an advocate for the pet and family lifestyle, created National Dog Day in 2004. Promoting this day aims to increase public awareness of the adoption of animals that are now housed in rescue facilities. Promote the ownership of dogs of all breeds, both pure and mixed, on this day as well.

History National Dog Day :-

Why not honor dogs since they are man’s closest buddy for a reason? These furry pals come in a wide variety of colors, breeds, and sizes. Everyone can find a dog in the world! Regardless of whether you prefer large or little dogs, National Dog Day should honor all puppies.
Colleen Paige, an expert on pet and family lifestyles and an animal advocate, developed this holiday in 2004. She established this day to honor all dogs, to raise awareness of the large number of dogs living in shelters, and to promote adoption for dogs that are still without homes. Colleen considers August 26 to be significant because that day her family adopted her Sheltie when she was a young girl.