Netizens slammed a British anchor who asked India to return the £2.3 billion Britain provided between 2016 and 2021 as foreign aid. He said that any country that can afford to go to the Moon does not need foreign aid. Users of X, formerly known as Twitter, were having none of it. They responded to the demand and asked the Kohinoor back, along with $45 trillion that Britain is estimated to have taken out of India during the colonial rule.

Patrick Christys, presenter for GB News, said, “I would like to congratulate India for landing on the dark side of the Moon. I would also like to now invite India to return the £2.3 billion of foreign aid money that we sent them between 2016 and 2021. We are also set to give them £57 million pounds next year and I think the British taxpayer should keep hold of that, don’t you? We should not be giving money to countries with a space programme. As a rule, if you can afford to fire a rocket to the dark side of the Moon, you shouldn’t be coming to us with your hand out.”

The British anchor then quoted the UN to state that India has the highest number of poor people in the world but it is the 5th largest economy with an annual GDP of around $3.75 trillion. “Why are we paying to help poverty-stricken Indians when their own government won’t bother?” he asked.

Irate X users clapped back and demanded the return of the Kohinoor. Many also cited a report published by Columbia University Press that puts the amount Britain took out of India during its colonial rule at a staggering $45 trillion. The report was authored by economist Utsa Patnaik who, in a collection of essays, had stated that the East India Company and the British Raj took out £9.2 trillion (or $44.6 trillion) between 1765 and 1938.

All desi X users pointed out the amount, and some called for the £2.3 billion to be deducted from the £9.2 trillion or $44.6 trillion and return what is owed.

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