Four killed and 81 injured as buses collide head-on in Tamil Nadu’s Cuddalore district

The main reason of this accident

The collision took place after the right tyre of one bus burst and the driver lost control of the vehicle. And due to lost of control he cant able to stop , this accident  occurred this statement is being released by police investigation further more details will be realised.

Near Melpattampakkam in Tamil Nadu’s Cuddalore district, two private buses crashed head-on on Monday morning, leaving four persons dead and over 81 others hurt.

Officials said that one of the buses was travelling from Panruti to Cuddalore, and the other was travelling from Cuddalore to Panruti. After one bus’s right tyre broke and the driver lost control of the vehicle, they collided.

A Arun Thamburaj, the district collector, told that about 81 persons were hurt in the accident and that they were sent to the JIPMER hospital in Puducherry and the Cuddalore government hospital.

It happened approximately 10:30 in the morning. The 108 ambulance carried around 70 persons to the hospital; the remaining were transported in different ways. According to the preliminary investigation, one of the private buses had a tyre blow out, which caused it to crash with another vehicle that was travelling in the other way. Police are looking into the collision.

Numerous toddlers, kids, and elderly people were being transported by the buses. Despite the fact that official information on the casualties has not yet been made public, Chief Minister M. K. Stalin said that four individuals had perished in the collision. The ministers M R K Panneerselvam and C V Ganesan were tasked with expediting rescue efforts, according to Stalin.

Stalin conveyed his sincerest sympathies.

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