On Sunday, June 25, a popular video that showed MS Dhoni, the captain calm and two-time World Cup champion, boarding an airplane in coach went viral on social media. An airline hostess was seen in the footage giving the Indian pilot chocolates.

The game Candy Crush was seen on a tab on the tray in front of Dhoni’s seat in the video. A significant increase in social media activity for Candy Crush was caused by the former captain playing it. In India, #CandyCrush began to trend on Twitter as angry internet users.

While many resorted to nostalgia for the game, others were grateful for Dhoni’s passion of playing such a simple game. It was also admirable that Dhoni had the humility to take an economy aircraft like a regular person.

However, it led to the creation of another trending tweet that stated Candy Crush had 3.6 million downloads in just three hours. Candy Crush became a popular topic in India within hours of the video going viral, but was the tweet real?

The tweet was posted by a user with the handle Candy Crush Saga Official, and it quickly gained popularity online. But upon more inspection, MyKhel discovered that the account was @teams_dream, which is in no way the game’s official Twitter handle. Consequently, the report that was making the rounds on social media was FAKE.

Yes, MS Dhoni’s video made the game popular across the nation, but the claims that it attracted millions of new users were false and hoaxes.


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