YouTube was late to the market with its short video platform called Shorts but now it is one of the popular destinations for creators and the public. The option to make a Shorts film out of comments is one of the new things that the platform is experimenting behind the scenes as it continues to develop.

That’s correct, you can use YouTube to make Shorts using other people’s comments. According to YouTube’s internal support website, the function will be known as user-generated Shorts with comments.

Both Android and iOS smartphones are being used in the experiments, although for the time being just a few people. Although the ability to generate Shorts from comments sounds like a cool tool, we are unsure if users would ever use it. Internal trials don’t guarantee the public release of this feature, but it’s encouraging to see YouTube explore new possibilities because it makes Shorts stand out from Reels and TikTok.

The simplicity of creating material for Shorts may help users, but it also raises concerns about YouTube’s control over whether and whose comments are utilised to create the film.  Since the site allows for comments, they can be diverse, abusive, or even simply random texts.

Therefore, it is necessary that YouTube has better checks for the comments area of Shorts and all of its videos in general. If not, it would become crucial that Shorts has a handle on the type of content made using comments. YouTube Shorts is now accessible on all platforms, including the web, TV, and mobile apps. However, given that the majority of users comment on Shorts videos through mobile, it is probable that the comments-related functionality will only be available on the mobile app.

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