We all have health insurance which covers medical and surgical expenses of person who is already Insured. But what about pets .. if you ask me is any insurance for pet.? Yes there are few companies which offers insurance to our pets.

Few companies provide Health insurances to pets like dog and cats. There some terms and conditions insurance inclusions  and exclusions . Pet insurance is a special type of insurance for various animals which safeguards their overall health and wellbeing. Just like we buy health insurance for ourselves and our loved ones, insurance for pets has become a great way to provide for our pets if they happen to need medical and other financial help.


There are Two types of pet Insurances

  1. Dog Insurance
  2. Cat Insurance

For pet Insurance eligibility you have to buy pets aged between 2 months to 10 years

Pet Insurance covers

  • Surgery Expenses Cover
  • Death due to accident/Diseases
  • Hospitalization Cover
  • OPD Cover
  • Lost or stolen dogs ,you have to buy new pet
Pet Insurance exclude
  • Any surgeries that are not necessitated because of illness or accident
  • Surgeries to cure deformities or congenital defects are not covered
  • Surgeries done due to pregnancy or whelping are not covered
  • Any surgery related to grooming is excluded
  • Any cosmetic or elective surgery which is not related to injury will not be covered
  • Any dental surgery not caused by an accident or injury will not be covered

Here I given few companies choose wisely

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