The legendary WWE fighter, The Undertaker, recently demonstrated his fearlessness not only in the ring but also in a real-life situation. The 58-year-old, whose real name is Mark Calaway, wasted no time in protecting his wife, Michelle McCool, from a shark that was swimming dangerously close to her at the beach.

Sharing the incident on Instagram, Ms McCool revealed, “I was simply enjoying a book on the beach when this ‘vegetation’ looked a lot like a shark… so I text hubby @undertaker”. She further expressed her gratitude towards her husband and posted a photo of him with the caption, “Kinda digging that last picture… A LOT #myprotector”.

In the video, Ms McCool said that she was surprised to see the shark so close to the land. “Guess I wasn’t big enough to scare him away but you are,” she said in the clip that featured a shark lurking near the shore.

The shark was swimming around in the clear water where the couple had been lounging on the beach. In the video, Undertaker was seen standing in the water, looking down at it in a suitably menacing way. In another clip, the marine animal was seen making a quick escape.

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