Check out the inside of this plane!

Canadian Bruce Campbell, 64, once worked as an electrical engineer. But what truly stands out about him is his innovative thinking and ingenuity! He prepared for this incredible achievement by purchasing 10 acres of property in the Hillsboro, Oregon forests in his twenties, thus the “house” he is currently living in can undoubtedly be called his lifelong project.

Currently serving as the last resting place for a massive Boeing 727 is land. Learn more about how he created a very remarkable home out of an old plane and a sizable piece of land.

Creativity and a plan

Campbell has always been known for his hobbies. Since his childhood, he liked to tinker with old objects and turn them into something new and exciting. Originally, his plan was to build a unique home from freighters, but once he learned about Joanne Ussery and her “residential plane” he changed his mind. Joanna Ussery (a hairstylist from Mississippi) decided to renovate a working plane after her original house had burned down, inspiring Bruce to follow in her footsteps. I am sure with Bruce’s creativity a house built from old freighters would have been very interesting as well, and I am really curious what it would have looked like. Maybe a new retirement project for Mr. Campbell?



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