In a jaw-dropping moment in fashion history, a microscopic tote bag has just fetched a staggering amount of money at an online auction. The mind-boggling price tag of Rs. 51 lakh was paid for the incredibly minuscule “Microscopic Handbag” created by Brooklyn’s renowned art collective, MSCHF.

Inspired by Louis Vuitton’s immensely popular OnTheGo tote, this fluorescent green marvel features the iconic “LV” logo in its center. But here’s the catch: measuring a mere 657 x 222 x 700 micrometers, it is described as “smaller than a grain of sea salt and can effortlessly pass through the eye of a needle”. You heard that right!

What’s more? This MSCHF creation is so miniscule that it’s not even visible to the naked eye! A microscope is included in the hefty price, allowing the lucky buyer to explore the intricate details.

The auction house responsible for this extraordinary sale is none other than Joopitar, founded by the renowned musician and fashion enthusiast, Pharell Williams. The bidding war for this micro-handbag started earlier this month with an initial bid of $15,000, showcasing the immense interest and desire for this unique piece.

MSCHF, the masterminds behind this extraordinary creation, view the Microscopic Handbag as a bold statement on the ever-shrinking world of designer bags. It stands as a pinnacle of bag miniaturization, leaving fashion enthusiasts and collectors in awe.

Needless to say, this news made waves as soon as social media got a whiff of the creation. Netizens flocked to express their astonishment at the handbag.

One Instagram user complimented the craftsmanship and wrote, “Actually incredible. I’d love to see how the absolute tiniest details were done.” while another joked, “Finally a bag that fits all this cash”.

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