It’s rewarding to go to places with quite different cultures from your own. You gain a more comprehensive perspective and knowledge of mankind when you visit other countries. You consider your identity. It may alter your life. The globe is constantly evolving as well.

Additionally, certain regions have a history of being unwelcoming to tourists. Before travelling abroad, always check with the travel advice authorities in your own nation. There might not be a local embassy, consulate, or diplomatic support available in some areas.
Here are 25 of the most hazardous locations on earth, where it is advised to avoid travelling right now.

1. Aleppo, Syria

Damascus city

Formerly the biggest city in Syria, Aleppo was a centre for ancient history, the arts, culture, sports, and education. When the Syrian Civil War broke out in 2011, the city was on the front lines. For years, certain areas of the city were under siege. The city is recovering, and some of the displaced residents are coming back to start over. Syria is still a conflict zone, though, and Westerners should avoid visiting there.

2. Kabul, Afghanistan

dangerous afghanistan

Kabul is the capital of Afghanistan, and possibly the most elevated capital in the world. At one time, its bazaars, palaces, and gardens were on the backpacking trail.  The city is extremely dangerous now, especially for western travelers. The city is a site of regular bombings, attacks, and kidnappings.

3. Juba, South Sudan

Africa country

South Sudan, an African nation, is home to breathtaking wildlife migrations, but since 2013, it has been at war. It is unsafe to travel to Juba since there is a persistent armed conflict and violence there. It is currently suggested for foreigners in South Sudan to depart as soon as it is safe to do so.

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