The Mizo National Front (MNF) will not leave the BJP-led National Democratic Front immediately, according to party leader and Mizoram Chief Minister Zoramthanga. The MNF has spoken out against the central government’s proposal to introduce a Uniform Civil Code in the country.

Any decision to leave the coalition will be motivated by political necessity, according to Zoramthanga.

“So far, the party has not considered this, and it is dependent on political necessity.” “We are NDA members, but we are completely opposed to the Uniform Civil Code,” the chief minister stated.

“The MNF never changes its stance when the government at the centre changes.” The MNF was vehemently opposed to the proposed UCC because “the MNF was vehemently opposed to anything that was damaging to its motto – “For God and the country,” Zoramthanga explained.

“The MNF and the BJP collaborate on development.” But when it comes to Mizo and religious concerns, we don’t say ‘ji saheb’ (yes, sir),” he added.

Zoramthanga stated on Monday that the state government and the MNF are not afraid of the NDA government at the centre.

“Political parties in India are forming alliances in the name of the BJP-led NDA or the Congress-led INDIA,” Zoramthanga stated to party workers at Hnam Run (the MNF’s office) in Aizawl. The MNF is a member of the alliance of the NDA. Though we are with the NDA, we do not subscribe to the policies of the NDA.”
Mizoram will go to the polls by the end of this year.

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