In a shocking incident that happened in the central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh, a woman is currently on the run after allegedly throwing boiling oil on her husband’s genitals. The incident occurred on Friday night.

Husband catches wife talking to neighbour

The victim, identified as 32-year-old Sunil Dhakad, found out that his wife had been talking to another man on phone. Sunil tried to confront his wife and put a stop to her actions. However, his efforts were in vain, leading to a heated argument between the couple.

According to Sunil, he was informed by a woman living nearby that his wife keeps talking to her husband after he leaves for work. The situation escalated further when Sunil returned home one day and caught his wife, Bhawna, again talking to the other man.

Frustrated by this, Sunil snatched Bhawna’s phone. This made the wife livid, although she refrained from retaliating initially.

Key points

  1. A Madhya Pradesh Man discovers his wife talking to another man over the phone.
  2. The man snatches the mobile phone from his wife.
  3. The wife retaliates at 2 AM, by pouring boiling oil on the man’s private parts.
  4. The man was admitted to hospital by neighbours, the woman is at large.
  5. FIR registered against the wife, investigation underway.

Angry wife’s fatal retaliation

However, at around 2 AM, while Sunil was sound asleep, Bhawna quietly brought hot boiling oil from the kitchen and poured it over her husband’s genitals. The excruciating pain woke Sunil, causing him to scream in agony.

His continuous screaming gathered a crowd of locals at his house.

They immediately rushed Sunil to a nearby hospital for urgent medical care. Simultaneously, they also informed the police about the incident. Police are now investigating the case after registering an FIR

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