Who is the CEO and co-founder of Threads? seems to be the burning topic on everyone’s mind once Threads launched. Rousseau Kazi is the co-founder and CEO of Threads, a text-based discussion app, and a former employee of Facebook.

It is a piece of collaboration software used in offices that is intended to facilitate smart online dialogue and decision-making within businesses.

It aids teams in gathering information, having discussions, and reaching broad choices. It is now utilised on Instagram as Insta Threads. Threads, a start-up in San Francisco, has raised close to $11.5 million in funding. With a $10.5 million series in the A round, Sequoia Capital is driving the fundraising.

Threads will make advantage of Instagram’s 2.35 billion active users. It has amassed 5 million subscribers in record speed for Instagram Threads. ChatGPT, which attracted 1 million users in just five days, has been overtaken. In India, Threads is now readily accessible through the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. All you have to do is download it. ‘Log in with Instagram’ and ‘Import from Instagram’ buttons can be tapped to begin. Since 2017, Kazi and his group have been putting effort towards Threads. He began his profession at an early age and is of Asian descent with parents who immigrated from Bangladesh. By the age of 21, he had already started working full-time at Facebook after interning there and graduating early from UC Berkeley.

He spent six years working for Facebook, spending that time on several teams that dealt with core mobile infrastructure, search, and Pages. Together with his coworkers, Kazi worked on the internal social network for Facebook called Workplace, where he wanted he could add his own features. Now, Facebook’s Workplace will be directly challenged by his own startup Threads. His two sisters’ careers in business allowed him to get personal knowledge of his family’s impacts, which he discusses.

The driving philosophy at Threads includes creating an environment where people can be themselves. His highly recommended books are Founders at Work by Jessica Livingston, High Growth Handbook by Elad Gil, and Impossible to Inevitable authored by Aaron Ross and Jason Lemkin.

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