A new feature that enables users to start group calls with up to 15 people is apparently being released by the widely used instant messaging service WhatsApp, which is owned by Meta.

By increasing the number of participants that may be added directly when establishing a call, the new version streamlines the procedure. This advancement serves as a tremendous benefit for users who previously encountered constraints during group calls.

WhatsApp’s latest innovation unlocks fresh opportunities for users, revolutionizing the dynamics of group calls. By enabling the inclusion of additional individuals, up to a limit of 15 participants, the platform facilitates seamless connections among friends, family, and colleagues. Engaging in virtual gatherings, professional conferences, or casual chats has never been smoother with this enhanced feature.

Previously, WhatsApp users encountered occasional inconveniences when starting group calls as they were restricted to initiating conversations with only seven contacts. However, the recent update addresses this limitation effectively. The improved user interface empowers effortless selection of up to 15 individuals while creating a new group call, thus saving precious time and energy.

The new feature is exclusively available to WhatsApp beta users who have downloaded the latest update from the Google Play Store. As this update garners positive feedback and resolves any potential issues, its availability will gradually expand to a wider user base in the days to come. This planned expansion ensures that a larger audience can relish the advantages of connecting with a broader group, fostering stronger relationships and facilitating seamless communication.