The Meta-owned popular messaging application WhatsApp is reportedly introducing a new privacy feature for community members, which restricts your phone number visibility only to those who have saved you as a contact. After installing WhatsApp’s most recent version for iOS and Android, the functionality is accessible. Your phone number is always kept secret from other community members thanks to the “phone number privacy” function. The WABetaInfo noted that because of this feature, the phone number would continue to be concealed even when a reply is added to a message.

The “phone number privacy” option may be a new one that can be found in the community announcement group details, according to WABetaInfo. The functionality alerts users by notifying them that only community administrators and other persons who have saved them as contacts may see their phone number.

Your phone number will be concealed with this function, meaning that none of the other participants in the chat will see your whole phone number. It’s vital to note that only community members are permitted to use this tool, and the phone number of the community administrator is always shown.

A key privacy advantage is that users will be able to communicate with the community announcement group in complete secrecy by, for instance, adding a reply to a message. In this instance, the full phone number won’t be displayed.

The research also suggests that access to the phone number privacy option might someday be granted to other organizations. Additionally, you will have the option to send a request to a community member whose phone number is hidden if you are allowed to privately contact them. This will offer them the option to select whether or not to give you access to their phone number.

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