Tummy trimmer is the one of the best tool for to do exercises at home. It is very helpful to burn the belly fat and simple in use as well. Tummy trimmer is easy to use exercise tool reduces your belly fat, helps in flattening the stomach, slimming and also improves your posture. Not only the belly area, the tummy trimmer also strengthens your chest, arms, hips and thighs.

Tummy twists are a fantastic exercise to include in your workout routine to strengthen your core muscles and help reduce body fat. Tummy twister exercises can help you get a toned midsection and improve your overall health and fitness if you perform them consistently and with the proper form.

Different build quality of Tummy trimmers:

There are two different types of tummy trimmers one made with the steel and another Latex tube. The build difference between both are displayed below

Coming to the steel built tummy trimmer it has three varients. Which differ by the springs attached. Basically the type of tummy trimmer to be chosen will depends upon the weight of the person.

The person who’s weight in between 55 to 70 will go with the one or single spring tummy trimmer.

The person who’s weight in between 70 to 85 will go with the double spring tummy trimmer.

The person who’s weight in above 85 will go with the triple spring tummy trimmer.

Do tummy trimmers really work?

Tummy trimmers will help you reduce your belly fat if you exercise properly and regularly. You will not see a visible difference in your belly fat in a couple of days. But, consistency is the key to achieve your fitness goals.


Some of the basic exercises with the tummy trimmer is shown below

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