Basically, A solenoidal valve is a electronic switch, which follow the same mechanism of turning on and off of the valve. Here it replaces the mechanical input with the electrical energy.

Basically, It was in the off position only, whenever a electrical input is given the valve gets turn ON and whenever we off the power it got turned off.

Parts of Solenoidal valve :

Basically a solenoidal valve consists of

  • Flow Tube
  • Plunger
  • Coil winding
  • Solenoid
  • Spring
  • Plunger
  • Plunger Valve
  • Electrical leads for supply


Whenever the input electrical power supply is given to the solenoidal valve, the springs gets compressed because of the charge generated in the coil winding and solenoid. Then the plunger gets lifts up and results the plunger valve open which results in the flow.


The internal piloted solenoid Valve is shown in above figure. Now a days, the principal of Solenoidal valve is used in most of all water purifiers, to regulate the flow. And wherever the flow controller is required it replaces the mechanical work and simplified the task.

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