Artificial Intelligence(AI) is the most focused & interesting topic in present day scenarios, Many people were mostly focusing on the development of the Artificial Intelligence technology due to ability, which the enhance the work easily and reduce the time complexity. Moreover, Artificial Intelligence can increases the efficiency of production.

Simply, we can say that Artificial Intelligence is the simulation or enhancing of the human abilities and skills by using the machines like computers, electronic gadgets, …etc. Specific applications of Artificial Intelligence include expert systems, natural language processing(bits conversion mechanism), speech recognition and machine vision.

Types of AI:

Artificial Intelligence is generally classified in seven different types. 

Those are:

  • Weak or Artificial Narrow Intelligence.
  • Strong or Artificial General Intelligence.
  • Artificial Super Intelligence.
  • Limited Memory.
  • Reactive Machines.
  • Theory of Mind.
  • Self Aware.


Uses of AI in Daily-Life :

Artificial Intelligence has a lot of scope in our day to day life in each and every work, which can saves the time and human presence in completion of that particular work. In present days, we are seeing some the robots which are designed with the Artificial Intelligence(AI) and Machine Learning(ML) enabled technologies. These designs were already in scope in Agricultures, Transportation, Medicine, Military, Retail, Customer service, Manufacturing industries and many areas…

AI in Agriculture


AI in Manufacturing


AI in Retail
AI in Medicine

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