Is Vijay Varma the most eligible bachelor in Bollywood now? Ever since he has admitted his relationship with Lust Stories 2 co-star Tamannaah, the question when he is getting married is on everyone’s mind. The teaser of Vijay Varma’s new series Kaalkoot also shows the character of Vijay faces the pressure of marriage from his mother. Taking a cue from that, Vijay Varma was asked in a recent interview whether he faces the pressure of marriage from family in real life. Vijay Varma said to DNA, “I am a Marwari. In our community, boys are considered of a marriage-able age at 16. So, all this began very early with me and also ended very early because I went past the marriageable age (laughs). On top of that, I had become an actor by then so there was that too.”

However, Vijay Varma said during the course of the interview that he priorities career over everything else. “But I never gave much bhaav (attention) to it because I knew I had my career as a question mark in front of me. So, I never paid any attention to it. I had my blinders on, and I was just looking at my career.”

Vijay is currently dating Tamannaah. On career front, he is also having a purple patch with back-to-back releases. Asked whether the queries of his marriage resumed in family, Vijay Varma said to DNA, “My mother still asks me. On every phone call she still asks me but I am just able to dodge it because I am doing well in my life.”

Vijay Varma and Tamannaah sparked dating rumours when they were spotted at a New Year’s Eve celebration. Their off-screen romance blossomed when they were shooting for Sujoy Ghosh’s short film  Sex With The Ex  for the Netflix anthology. About dating Tamannaah, Vijay Varma recently said to GQ magazine, “I am happy and madly in love with her.” He described this phase of life as, “I call this my ‘I’ve ended my villain era and gotten into the romance era’ phase of life.” Whether their love was a promotional strategy, Vijay Varma’s reply was, “I think it’s fairly understood now that we are dating each other.”

About Vijay Varma, Tamannaah said to Film Companion, “He is a person whom I care about deeply. He is my happy place.” Tamannaah also said, “He (Vijay Varma) is someone with whom I bonded very organically. He is someone who really came to me with all his guard down, then it became really easy for me to let all my guard down.”