As many as 304 academicians, including two American Nobel laureates, have written to President Droupadi Murmu, criticising Visva-Bharati University Vice-Chancellor Bidyut Chakrabarty for allegedly targeting economist Amartya Sen through asking him to vacate a parcel of land which the institution claims he has been occupying illegally.

In April, the college had issued an eviction note asking Sen, a Nobel laureate himself, to vacate 13 decimals (0.Thirteen acre) of the 1.38 acres of his ancestral domestic, ‘Pratichi’, positioned at the university campus in Santiniketan of Birbhum district, claiming the parcel belonged to the organization and that he was occupying it illegally.

Sen had then moved the Calcutta High Court towards this and the problem continues to be sub judice.

In their letter, the academicians comprising Nobel laureates George A. Akerlof and Joseph Stiglitz wrote, “Prof Chakrabarty is responsible for various atrocities. He was accountable for the illegal suspension of college students and instructors, illegal termination of the employment of college participants, officers, and different team of workers, denying them freedom of speech, and suppressing dissent in any shape, by way of indiscriminately issuing display-motive notices, price-sheets, and unlawful orders of suspension and termination.”

Both Stiglitz and Akerlof, at the side of Michael Spence, together won the Nobel for economics in 2001.

“The today’s goal of his draconian rule is Prof Sen, an alumnus of Visva-Bharati. Of past due, (the university) issued a chain of letters, using indecent language, to Prof Amartya Sen alleging that he illegally grabbed the land of Visva-Bharati, which they can’t substantiate,” the letter stated.

While the Prime Minister is the ex officio Chancellor of the critical college, the President is its paridarsaka (Visitor).

“In the letters issued via the Visva-Bharati management, it has been claimed that the involved hire deed became finished for 1.25 acres of land, however that Mr. Sen possesses 1.38 acres of land… Ironically, a report attached with one of the letters issued to him via the Visva-Bharati administration reveals that 1.38 acres of land have been legally recorded within the call of Ashutosh Sen, the daddy of Mr Sen,” it examine.

“Recently, the same land was mutated in Sen’s call by using the kingdom authorities. According to Prof Sen, his father sold some land further to the leased land. In an RTI reply to Nilkantha Mandal, Visva-Bharati did not offer authenticated replica of the lease deed at the grounds of “0.33-party facts,” the letter said.

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