Among the world’s most polluted cities, Chicago and Washington, D.C. had the poorest air quality, while Detroit and Minneapolis were also in the top ten.

According to the research, the cause of the increase in pollution is smoke from 235 out-of-control wildfires in Canada, which is creating a hazy cloud over key US cities.

The weather pattern across the United States, according to meteorologists at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Weather Prediction Centre, could continue until next week or beyond. Meanwhile, the US government’s air quality tracking website AirNow issued code red advisories stretching from Richmond, Virginia in the east to Des Moines, Iowa in the Midwest.

According to the Canadian government, a record 30,000 square miles have burned, an area nearly as large as South Carolina. This is causing smoke in the US and degrading the air quality since mid-June. NASA even said that the wildfire’s smoke has reached Europe.

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