In the near future, Noida in Uttar Pradesh will have a new public transport option. The updated DPR and bid document for India’s first Pod Taxi project have been accepted by Yamuna Authority, according to The Uttar Pradesh Index.

The pod taxi service will be between Film City and Jewar Airport, additionally connecting the industrial area. It will include 12 stations, including Sector 21, Sector 29, Handicraft Park, MSME Park, Apparel Park, Sector 32, and Sector 33. The Indian Port Rail and Ropeway Corporation Limited delivered the Yamuna Authority the operating report of the pod taxis of three nations.

Pod taxi operations have reportedly begun in 18 different nations, according to project organisers. It is now active in five nations. According to the officials, while the operation in Abu Dhabi is losing money, London’s pod taxis are operating economically.

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