As part of the promotions of the movie ‘Rangabali’, Sathya gave an innovative interview with hero Naga Shaurya. The promo of the same has also been released and it went viral on social media. Now the audience, who are eagerly waiting for the full interview, have received a shocking news.

Regarding this interview, Rangbali movie team has taken a shocking decision. This full interview should not be out in youtube or internet. Because, in this promo interview a popular TV channel head lady news presenter, web media journalist and interviewer as well as a press head who is going viral with controversy questions featured in it.

Satya imitated them and appeared in their attire and entertained. Now that the promo has gone viral, one or two or three people who imitated them have expressed their displeasure. It is reported that after contacting the movie team, they said that the full interview could not come out.

Because of this, if they don’t want to hurt the sentiments of those people, the movie team also decided not to release this funny interview. Did they strongly say that they will stop promoting the film in their media houses? don’t know Anyway, it would have been a plus for the promotions if there had been a full interview. Even if it doesn’t come, the movie has already got a good promotional buzz with the promo.

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