In response to the increasing number of scam cases in India, Truecaller recently unveiled a new AI-powered tool to assist users in avoiding scam calls. The business introduced Truecaller Assistant, a new service that uses machine learning and cloud telephony to screen and identify calls. By identifying callers, customers may prevent unwanted or potentially spammy calls.

Google Play presently hosts Truecaller Assistant for Android users. It is a programmable, interactive, digital receptionist that answers users’ calls automatically and assists them in avoiding obtrusive callers.

The new AI, according to Truecaller, can swiftly answer incoming calls and provide live transcriptions of the caller’s speech, making it easier for users to identify the caller and comprehend why they are calling. Users can choose to pick up the call, ask for more details, or just flag the call as spam based on this information.

Rishit Jhunjhunwala, MD India at Truecaller, commented on the new function, “Up until now, Truecaller would show you who’s calling, but now you can let Truecaller Assistant have a conversation with the caller on your behalf.”

Workings of Truecaller AI Assistant

  • By taking and transcribed the incoming call for you, Truecaller AI Assistant streamlines call screening.
  • So whenever a user receives a call they can either decline it or it will be forwarded to your digital Assistant.
  • The Assistant will then answer the call on your behalf and will use voice-to-text technology to transcribe the caller’s message.
  •  After the caller responds to your Assistant’s greeting,users will be able to see the caller’s identity and the reason for the call on the screen.
  • Following it, users can then open the chat window for more information about the call and, based on the information provided by the Assistant, users can decide whether to accept or reject the call, or even mark it as spam.

The company further notes that the new Truecaller Assistant is currently available for Android users with a free 14-day trial. After the trial users can add the Assistant as part of Truecaller Premium Assistant plan starting Rs 149 per month. The plan is currently available for Rs 99 as part of the limited promotional deal).

Truecaller Assistance will initially support English, Hindi and ‘Hinglish’ in India. Users can choose from different personalised assistants with varying accents and intonation, in different styles such as professional, friendly or courteous.