Future Toyota electric vehicles could have a phoney manual gearbox, which would bring back memories for seasoned drivers.

According to a Toyota patent application from May 2023 that CNN was able to obtain, the feature would let drivers replicate manual gearbox by using a false clutch that would transmit signals to the engine that would make it feel like they were changing gears.

According to CNN, these vehicles would include a clutch pedal and even imitate downshifting, letting drivers slow down their cars without hitting the brake.

Even those who have never learnt to operate a manual gearbox automobile will be able to feel the initial fear of making mistakes. According to CNN, the models would shock and buck if drivers shift into the incorrect gear, simulating the effects of improper clutch usage. However, it won’t stall, saving inexperienced drivers from that uncomfortable situation of becoming stopped in the midst of an intersection.

According to CNN, the expansion is only a showpiece that is being done “just for fun.” The fictitious manual gearbox won’t actually serve any useful function. Additionally, drivers will have the choice to completely turn off the function.

However, these prospective future models could be tempting to drivers looking for a little additional nostalgia every time they get behind the wheel or even those looking to make driving feel more mechanical than technological.

Requests for comment made prior to publication on whether next vehicles would include this technology and if the simulated clutch would result in higher prices for customers were not answered by Toyota.