BGMI emerged in the Indian market in 2021. The game was introduced as the Indian variant of PUBG Mobile, and unsurprisingly, it became an instant hit. This resulted in many gamers beginning to create content out of it. 

However, only a few could make it big in terms of popularity. Their sheer dedication to providing new content to their viewers via livestreams and videos has helped them create separate fan bases, and they are currently posited as internet sensations.

BGMI YouTubers who have a massive fan following


1) Dynamo gaming 

Dynamo gaming is among the biggest Indian gamers to date. With millions of followers on social media and 9 million + subscribers on YouTube, he is easily among the most popular in recent years too, his life as a renowned BGMI Mobile Player, and the journey of Aditya to becoming the face of the Indian Gaming Community. 

Dynamo became famous because of his insane sniping skills, which left viewers in shock. Even today, when he plays BGMI, thousands of gamers flock to his live streams to learn a few tips from the social star. He can be seen playing the game alongside other esports players or steamers like Danger, Wraith, and Mastizone, as well as randoms.

Dynamo’s immense popularity helped him become the leader of the Hydra clan.



  • Total videos uploaded: 2005
  • Total subscriber count: 10 million

2) Mortal

Naman Sandeep Mathur, better known as “Soul MortaL” or just “MortaL,” is an Indian professional PUBG Mobile player and streamer. He is the founder of the PUBG Mobile Team- SouL and the owner of the youtube channel MortaL. he is the 2nd most popular PUBG Mobile player in India. MortaL live subscriber count on YouTube is 6.93M.





  • Total videos uploaded: 1657
  • Total subscriber count: 6.98 million

3) Jonathan gaming

Jonathan Amaral is an Indian professional E-sports athlete, PUBG Mobile player, streamer, gaming content creator, and social media influencer from Pune, Maharastra, India. Currently, he is popularly known as his online stage name Jonathan Gaming.Besides being a top player, Jonathan is also a popular YouTuber. He is amongst the few live streamers who only play Battlegrounds Mobile India and is still joined by millions of viewers on a daily basis. He recently returned to regularly streaming on YouTube, leaving his fans ecstatic.



  • Total videos uploaded: 388
  • Total subscriber count: 4.87 million

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