Although Koushik Chatterjee is not the CEO of Tata Steel, he is an equally significant individual. He oversees the finances of the flagship firm of the Ratan Tata-led group, which has a market valuation of Rs. 1,43,175 crore. Koushik is one of the Tata Group’s highest-paid chief financial officers.

Before PB Bajali of Tata Motors surpassed Chatterjee as the highest paid CFO in the Group this year, Chatterjee held the position. According to the Tata Steel annual report, the CEO of the company earned a stunning Rs 14,21,18,000 (Rs 14.21 crore) despite a little decrease in salary from the previous year. That is a daily income of more than Rs 3.89 lakh.

His remuneration in FY2023 is down somewhat from that in FY22, when it was Rs 15,17,18,000 (or Rs 15.17 crore). Only CEO TV Narendran, who received Rs 18.66 crore from Tata Steel in FY23, received a greater salary than Chatterjee.

It is well known that Kaushik Chatterjee has a cool, collected demeanour. Despite his enormous wealth, he maintains a modest lifestyle and is a normal person. In Asansol, West Bengal, Kaushik attended St. Patrick’s School for his education. After completing his BCom in Kolkata, he went on to become a Chartered Accountant (CA).

Before working for Tata Group, Koushik has worked for the likes of Britannia Industries and audit company SB Billimoria. Koushik was spotted by former Tata Sons CFO Ishaat Hussain who brought him on board at Tata Steel. At just 36, Koushik became VP finance at Tata Steel in 2006. He has been CFO since 2012.

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