There have been many different types of entrepreneurs at the Indian Institute of Technology, but not many of them are female. Neha Singh, who graduated first from IIT Bombay, broke through the glass ceiling to become successful by starting her own multi-billion dollar firm that is now sponsored by Ratan Tata.

Neha Singh is a female entrepreneur who graduated first in her class from IIT Bombay. She is the chairman and founder of Tracxn, an online data tracking company that initially had little funding but is now supported by Ratan Tata and the founders of Flipkart, Sachin and Binny Bansal.

The IIT Bombay and Leland Stanford Business University graduate Neha Singh landed a well-paying and secure position at the analytics firm Sequoia Capital India, but she had always harbored an entrepreneurial spirit and yearned to launch her own company.

A research company called Tracxn offers venture capitalists and corporate development offices data about businesses throughout the world. Together with her husband Abhishek Goyal, Neha Singh launched this business in 2013 after making her vision a reality.

Neha Singh admitted that the early going wasn’t easy because the business had little to no revenue and she had to work for nearly a year without receiving a wage. However, Ratan Tata, one of the country’s most powerful businesspeople, was ultimately impressed by her clever idea and economic acumen.

Tracxn, a company owned by Neha, benefited from Ratan Tata’s undisclosed investment, which helped the company grow. Not just Ratan Tata, but also other millionaires like Mohandas Pai, Nandan Nilekani, Sachin and Binny Bansal, founders of Delhivery, and Flipkart.

Neha Singh and her husband worked really hard for ten years to grow Tracxn into a multi-billion dollar business with sales of Rs 100 crore reported in 2022. Although Singh’s precise net worth is unknown, it is estimated that her whole assets are worth Rs 24.62 crore.


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