While many human beings across the united states keep their chase for excessive-paying company jobs, now not all can discover the capacity in the farming and agriculture industry. However, Indian millionaire Harish Dhandev knew how much he could develop thru farming and agriculture.

Harish Dhandev was an engineer and had cracked the examination to land a government activity in Rajasthan, a dream of most people born into a circle of relatives of farmers. Dhandev had landed a process as a junior engineer with Jaisalmer Municipal Council in Rajasthan.

Despite having a terrific authorities activity and a fixed salary with blessings, Dhandev became now not satisfied with his profession. During a visit to an agriculture expo in Delhi, Harish Dhandev’s existence modified and he decided to eventually pursue his dream of farming.

Quitting his authorities activity, Harish began farming on his 120-acre land in Jaisalmer. While maximum farmers in Rajasthan domesticate bajra and wheat, Harish decided to choose a whole lot of aloe vera, which really started to force his business.

Harish Dhandev didn’t accept regular crops but determined to cultivate Barbie Denis, quite a few aloe vera that’s so top class that it is in excessive call for in Hong Kong, Brazil, and america, used as a raw material in luxury splendor merchandise and cosmetics.

With the growth of his farming empire, Harish soon opened his personal business enterprise called Naturelo Agro only some kilometers far from Jaisalmer. The engineer-became-farmer had commenced with 80,000 saplings of aloe vera, which have now become millions.

Soon, Dhandev teamed up with Baba Ramdev’s Patanjali, that is an Ayurvedic products production employer. Harish have become the official supplier of aloe vera to Patanjali for their products which include aloe vera gel and soaps, turning his startup agency into one million-dollar organization.

Now strolling the Dhandev Global Group and exporting aloe vera across the globe, Harish has become a millionaire and his turnover levels from Rs 2-three crore according to yr.

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