Ratan Tata’s Tata Group is one of the main conglomerates in the complete u . S ., with a huge department of businesses and ventures headed through performed CEOs. One such CEO is Avijit Mitra, who heads Croma and is one among Ratan Tata’s most dependable employees.

Avijit Mitra is a Chartered Accountant who’s now the CEO and MD of Croma, considered one of India’s top digital retail structures that is headed through determine organization Tata Digital. Croma, a Tata venture, now has a sales of over Rs 8330 crore.

Even earlier than he became heading Croma, Avijit Mitra is one of the maximum loyal personnel of Ratan Tata’s business enterprise and has been with the conglomerate for over 25 years, main several unique corporations and heading all of them to earnings.

His profession within the Tata Group began with Tata Beverages Ltd, which is the organisation that makes Tata Tea. The spotlight of his profession at some stage in that duration turned into the purchase of Tetley Tea by means of Tata, which was a one-of-a-type buyout within the enterprise.

Later, he moved on to The Indian Hotels Co Ltd, that is a hospitality enterprise headed by way of Tata Group. For six years, he managed the monetary stop of the Taj Hotels across India, main the company to a multi-crore income over the decade.

After his distinctly done career, Avijit Mitra become appointed to a leadership position in Tata Digital’s agency Infiniti Retail, wherein he was the Chief Financial Officer. Now, Mitra is the CEO of Croma, that is the one-stop store for electronics of a couple of brands, with hundreds of shops across India.

According to a file launched by means of Croma and Infiniti Retail Ltd in 2021, the yearly earnings of Croma CEO and MD is Rs 2.22 crore in keeping with year. The other top leadership position holders within the organization have salaries starting from Rs 80 lakh to Rs 1.2 crore.

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