When we think of truck drivers, we picture a thin guy who is exhausted from working long hours. However, only a few of us generally tend to picture a truck motive force at the back of the wheel of a truck sporting her most appealing clothes.

As in line with reports, The “World’s most up to date truck driving force” worker of FIFO these days came as much as provide some shocking statistics regarding her paintings as a truck motive force, which surprised each person. Digital content producer Ashlea, who lives in Perth and drives a truck part-time, revealed that she makes six figures income from her truck-riding job, which permits her to live her “pleasant lifestyles” whilst she’s now not running. Ashley gets free meals and transportation, works best six months of the 12 months, and has a six-determine earnings. She is a truck driving force that works in a mine in Western Australia.


She in addition revealed that during her education, she used to make about $94,000 (approximately Rs 77 lakh) consistent with year. Later, the organisation paid her a revenue of $fifty one.50, or around Rs 4,200, each hour. Ashlea in addition disclosed that the brand new business enterprise she is hired by way of is presently imparting her a bonus of $2000 (about Rs 1.Sixty three lakh) in step with month. When blended along with her every year profits, this quantities to a net earnings of $122,000 (kind of Rs 1 crore) in line with yr.

Ashlea isn’t the best truck motive force hired through supermarkets inside the UK who makes extra money than the income of CEOs of many groups. These individuals earn between £60,000 and £70,000 per yr (greater than Rs 6 crore). These UK truck drivers obtain a regular bonus of about $2000 sometimes similarly to their base pay.

Ashlea who’s additionally a professional mechanic, is lively on social media. On TikTok, she has almost sixty nine,000 fans. She uses the platform to talk about her existence as a traveller.

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