The process of seeking admission to MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery) programs in India has historically involved a centralized counseling system that streamlines the allocation of seats in medical colleges across the country.

However, this year, aspiring medical students will face a significant change as the announcement has been made that there won’t be any centralized counseling for MBBS in 2023.

Decentralized Admission Process:

The absence of centralized counseling means that students will have to navigate a decentralized admission process for MBBS programs.

Instead of a single counseling authority, individual medical colleges and universities will conduct their own admission procedures.

Increased Autonomy for Institutions:

With the elimination of centralized counseling, individual medical institutions gain greater autonomy in determining their admission criteria and procedures.

This may lead to variations in eligibility criteria, entrance exams, and selection processes across different colleges.


The absence of centralized counseling for MBBS in 2023 brings both challenges and opportunities for aspiring medical students.

While the decentralized admission process may require additional research, effort, and preparation, it also offers students the freedom to explore a wider range of institutions and tailor their applications accordingly.

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