Following the controversy that surrounded the premiere of the movie Adipurush last month, Manoj Muntashir, the dialogue writer for the movie, has offered a “unconditional” apologies. Manoj expressed his regret for the film’s hurtful effects on people’s feelings in a note posted on social media.

“I accept people’s emotions have been hurt by Adipurush. With folded hands, I extend my unconditional apologies. May Prabhu Bajrang Bali keep us united and grant us strength to serve our sacred Sanatan and our great nation. #Adipurush,” Manoj wrote in his message.

Adipurush, a Ramayana adaption that was directed by Om Raut, has received harsh post-release criticism. The movie’s dialogue, including “marega bete,” “bua ka bagicha hain kya,” and “jalegi tere baap ki,” has come under fire.
After that, the talks in Adipurush underwent alterations. However, the commotion had already done harm.
At first, Manoj defended his work and even claimed that the film was not inspired by the Ramayana, but later, it received criticism as well. Manoj had made this apology now that practically everyone had forgotten about the affair.
Prabhas plays Raghava in Adipurush, whereas Kriti plays Janaki, Sunny Singh plays Laxman, and Saif Ali Khan plays Lankesh.

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