The possibility of being killed by an animal is terrifying, but do you know which species are most likely to do so?

Alligator: One per year

Vending machines are 13 times more likely than alligators to murder you, yet vending machines have far fewer teeth. An alligator attack kills one person per year on average.

Sharks: Five people per year

Despite the fact that the infamous Jaws dined on five humans (and one dog) in the iconic 1975 film of the same name, sharks only kill about five persons worldwide each year.

Wolves: 10 people every year

Wolves killed hundreds of humans per year from the 14th through the 19th century, which may explain their enduring role as wicked scavengers in children’s legends. Wolf attacks kill fewer than a dozen humans each year.

Horses: around 20 people each year

Though horses are herbivores and typically very kind with humans, the sheer volume of human/horse interaction causes approximately 20 fatal incidents worldwide each year…so pay attention to your riding instructor.

Leopards: 29 individuals per year

Leopards aren’t the most vicious of the “big cats,” but dwindling habitats can cause the spotted feline to become aggressive. Each year, leopards kill approximately 30 humans.

30 individuals every year are killed by ants.

Ants, despite their little size, can be rather vicious. Fire ants are deadly for three reasons: they rush their victims in large numbers, bite their victims’ skin to gain a solid hold, and then inject toxic venom.

40 people every year are killed by jellyfish.

Being stung by a jellyfish is a sure way to ruin your day at the beach, but each year, over 40 people are killed by jellyfish stings.

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