The nation’s cleanest city, Indore, has added another accomplishment to its resume. Vinod Agarwal, a coal trader from Indore, has surpassed all other residents of Madhya Pradesh in terms of wealth. The top 1037 Indians with wealth over $1 billion have been revealed by IIFL Hurun, one of the top financial services providers in the nation. Vinod Agarwal, a coal industry executive from Indore, is ranked 279 in this. He was listed at position 494 the year prior.

Vinod Agarwal’s net wealth has increased dramatically from Rs 4,000 crore last year to Rs 6,000 crore, according to the Agarwal Coal Corporation Pvt Ltd. His company’s net worth has also climbed by Rs 2,000 crore in a single year.

11,000 crore rupees are the company’s annual revenue. Vinod Agarwal paid 243 crore rupees in income tax and 625 crore rupees in GST in 2022.

The Vinod Agarwal Foundation has contributed Rs 25 crore in 2022, in the meanwhile. The top taxpayer in Madhya Pradesh is Agarwal Coal Corporation Pvt Ltd as a company and Vinod Agarwal as an individual.

Vinod Agarwal is a successful businessman now but he had a very humble beginning. The Agarwal family had lost everything in the India-Pakistan partition and Vinod Agarwal came to Indore at the age of three. Eight siblings lived with their parents in a 500 square feet house in Indore.

However, Vinod Agarwal swam against the tides and overcame all the challenges to become the richest man in Madhya Pradesh.

Along with him, Sunil Chouradia, MD of Rajratan Global Wire of Indore, has been in the 389th position. For the first time, the city’s unicorn company EKI Energy Services has also found a place on the list. The company’s director Manish Dabkara is in the 459th position. Dilip Suryavanshi of Bhopal’s Dilip Buildcon Company is at 681 and Devendra Jain of Dilip Buildcon is at 950th position.

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