The year 2022 has perhaps been the most exciting year for gaming and esports enthusiasts globally. With esports’ growing prominence, the world witnessed the first-ever Commonwealth Esports Championship. India’s stellar performance was acknowledged with a bronze medal win by the Indian DOTA 2 squad. Continuing with this momentum, we are now gearing for the Asian Games, which will host Esports as a recognized medal event. This was inconceivable till a few years ago.

In the past 14 months, hardly many industries have had the luxury of seeing their financial affairs go according to plan. Particularly the sports sector, where losses have been very enormous. However, there was still a portion that has emerged in our modern times. On all verticals, the esports industry has relatively excelled during the pandemic. But in this thread, we begin by discussing how the esports market is faring in the context of India. We will discuss the development of the sector over the past year as well as the prospects for esports in India. But first, let’s take a quick look at how it has performed internationally and in India over the past few years. Globally, there are now 250 million video players compared to 20 million in 2010, and there are now 250 game development companies, up from 25 in 2010.

Esports and gaming in India in the future

There are more than 300 million gamers in India, according to industry estimates. Given the circumstances, the industry is developing and expanding.

Increased Attendance from Live Streaming:

The gaming and esports industries will embrace live streaming, which will lead to an increase in viewership. A strong, sizable, and diverse fan following will be developed as a result of regional and real-time streaming of gaming material. Their preference and viewership will consequently rise. In terms of youth and connected communities, India has the finest demographics. It is one of the booming marketplaces for esports and video gaming because of its content and tech-savvy traits.

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