What tribe can live underwater?

The Bajau are a seafaring population in Southeast Asia who have this adaptation. They can hold their breath for over 10 minutes or more then that , while highly trained divers from other populations can only hold it for 3 or 4. Bajau divers use this extreme diving ability to spend hours each day hunting underwater for fish.

How long can the Sama Bajau hold their breath?

Though surprising, a tribal community exists on earth of which all members can hold their breath for a longer time. The people of Sama-Bajau community can stay under the water for 13 minutes at a depth of 230 feet (70 meters).

How deep can Bajau dive?

Over the years, practicing this lifestyle has given the Bajau unique adaptations to swimming underwater. Many find it straightforward to dive up to 13 minutes 200 feet below the surface of the ocean.

What language do the Bajau speak?

The Bajaus speak a Malayo-Polynesian language which they themselves call ‘Sama’. The ‘Sama’ language is spoken in the Philippines and Malaysia. The Bajau language, as it is spoken in Sabah, is divided into a number of divergent, though mutually intelligible dialects.
Where do Bajau people sleep?
Many of the Bajau now live in houses perched on stilts, but they hold a deep reverence for the ocean and the spirits that they believe inhabit the waters.

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