“In the Rain Stone Became Flight” by Elizabeth Fenley, In the rain, they awoke. Silent stone sentinels atop the massive building.

Azvamenth stretched his wings, wiggled his talons, and yawned, revealing deadly fangs. He looked towards the column on his right.Birsha was waking up too, unfurling her tail and rolling her horned head around in circles.

Taking flight simultaneously, Azvamenth on two wings, Birsha on six, they sailed to the crenelated tower to meet the others.

Tavarius, his wide, thickly muscled body arrived first, even without the benefit of wings. His landing echoed across the rooftop. He opened his long, canine-like muzzle and rolled out his tongue. “Ubel,” he growled as his thick tail stood straight as a lightning rod.

Keket, landed silently beside him, her long, slender body in catlike grace. Her eyes glowed purple as she greeted her gargoyle siblings in a dulcet purring.

Birsha flapped all of her wings, luxuriating in the rain sluicing off them. Tavarius collected rain on his tongue and flipped in into his mouth.

Jaakobah called her salutations as she circled in the clouds above them, preferring to remain in dragon-like flight during the freedom the rains provided her, as she grew quite weary of long intervals stonebound.

All but Tavarius replied. Harsh feelings hung between the two.Zyfario, as usual, was the last of the gargoyles to arrive. He was slow, almost reluctant to waking, taking no particular pleasure in either the rain or the movement. Yet, he always joined them.

“Ubel, Zyfario,” Ketet mewled, knowing he would not respond.

Zyfario’s corpulent sluglike body with stubby wings running the length of his back matched his demeanor. Immediately upon landing, he withdrew his meager legs and reverted to lying on his long, scaled belly as he did when the rains ceased.

The five of them, silent, watched the glory of the large, noisy, splashing raindrops as Jaakobah soared and dove and twirled in the dark sky above them.

They grinned, sharp fangs and rows of razored teeth meeting the deluge as the zags of lightning burst around them and the thunder roared its reply.

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